Today is Friday. Pretty simple, huh? Right now I’m dubbing it, “Fuck it Friday”, or more specifically, “Fuck the Scale Friday”. Because in all seriousness, somehow I managed to gain 2.5 pounds over the course of last weekend alone that took an ENTIRE WEEK to work off. That’s right. So it wasn’t just 2.5 pounds of water. And the worst part? I was so watchful of my nutrition. But I digress.

This is a new weekend. My spouse is out of town which means that I don’t have to worry about going out to eat for every meal and can actually continue to cook at home.

Honestly though, I’m a bit worried about next week. We’re going to Chicago and staying with the in-laws. They have a small home gym, which is great, but basically everyone in that family has a super unhealthy relationship with food. I’m not going to be able to control what I eat in the way that I do now for nearly a full week, and I’m going to be limited to my workouts. No spin for me, which means my twice weekly intense cardio sessions will be gone. It freaks me out because I’ve been busting my ass to see progress. Really, really busting my ass.

In other news, the Marcy Home Gym that I ordered and mentioned here has been working really well for me, although I have noticed a few flaws in it’s design that are slightly irritating.  For example..

  1. You have to remove the preacher pad in order to do lat pull downs, and there’s nothing to support your legs if you need to go heavier on the weight. It’s a great thing because I’m forced to really engage my core overtime, but I’m nervous that my body will start to lift and I’ll strain myself without the leg support.
  2. If you’re doing any type of exercise with the high cable that requires you pulling the cable outward at an angle versus straight down (think face pulls, upper back rows, etc), the cable rubs on the top of the structure. It’s irritating because you can feel it and, without a doubt, will compromise the integrity of the cable overtime if done too much.
  3. The lower cable is slightly useless with some things that you’re going to want to do with it. Seated rows are only doable if you brace your feet on the leg developer attachment, or else the entire attachment bounces up and down with every extension. This is the same problem that you face when doing kickbacks, cable hip adductions, etc. The damn leg developer bounces around and it’s really, really irritating. Marcy needs to come up with a way to lock the developer down when using the low cable.
  4. Your range of motion with the high cable is limited when doing things like tricep pushdowns and straight arm pulldowns, as even for me at 5’4″, my full range of motion slams the weights to the top of the stack. Since these are concrete inside of molded plastic, too many slams will probably result in some broken concrete.

I’m going to write a more detailed review of the machine and put it online, as I think I could really add a different perspective as a woman using it who is more on the intermediate-advanced side of weight lifting and still using it.

And that’s about that.


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