Did not hit publish.

I wrote an entire post last Monday and apparently forgot to hit publish. It’s been sitting as a draft for the past week. Now I have to recap the past two weeks. Such an asshole.

I am 9.5 pounds down from my highest weight of the past two months and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I stepped on the scale last Friday to 137 and felt my eyes well up with tears. The last time I was even close to this number was on July 30th of 2015 and I weighed in at 137.5 pounds.

Here’s the truth of the number: I know I’ve actually lost more body fat, but gained some mass. The proof is in the casein pudding…my body actually looks completely different than it did two months ago. My shoulders? They’re growing and getting rounder as the days pass me by. My biceps and triceps are officially starting to show again, even when I’m not flexing. I have some definition showing on my stomach, my ass has lifted and perked up a bit, and I’ve lost some volume in my thighs. My muffin top has decreased significantly, I have visible muscle in my back, I can do unassisted pull ups again, my face has thinned out…all in two months and just under 10 pounds.

It’s really incredibly what a proper nutrition plan and a proper exercise plan can do for the human body. 

My wonderful little home gym arrived last Tuesday and it was assembled in three hours and 15 minutes flat. Screw those Amazon reviews claiming 4-6 hours for assembly. For $250, no tax and free shipping, I couldn’t be more pleased. While it does have it’s limitations for people larger than myself, at 5’4″ tall and not requiring more than 210 total pounds of weight, I’m cool with it. My little home gym is pretty functional at this point, although there are a few things that I’d really like to add, like some squat stands, an olympic barbell and some rubber plates…but I’ll get there.

Tonight I’m going to see Peter Gabriel and Sting at the Hollywood Bowl as a treat for myself. I’m beyond excited and I will enjoy a glass of wine, because I can.

Until later in the week when I either forget to write or hit publish….


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