Went to CostCo and thought I was buying enough food to meal prep for at least half of the week. When I cooked Monday night and realized that I had bought enough food to feed my kids and myself, plus one additional night? Epic fail. Although I did manage to buy four cartons of liquid egg whites AND learn how to quickly microwave them in a mug. Epic win.

Did some barbell complex for my shoulders on Monday that included 5 x Upright Rows, straight into 5 x Front Raises, straight into 5 x Military Press, straight into 5 x Behind the neck press. Did 5 giant sets of those beasts. Then did some barbell 21’s with barbell shrugs slid in between each set of 21.

Legs on Tuesday. I hate leg day. Some chicks love it because it works the booty. I’m such a dude. I hate it. I haven’t worked out my legs in so long that I knew I needed to use an extremely low weight. 10 x back squats, 10 x deadlifts, 10 x barbell hack squats, 10 x good mornings. Shit.

Hated myself on Wednesday because I couldn’t walk. Spent the day with my kid. Was fine nutritionally but didn’t work out.

Was supposed to spin on Thursday, but found out Wednesday night that my Thursday class was canceled for the summer. Was a bit pissed off about it but dealt with it in the best way that I knew how – started a new workout program and absolutely killed it. Back/Biceps, Phase 1, Week 1 of Jessie Hilgenberg’s Home Edition. Yess’um. It involved 1,200 jump ropes of interset cardio.

Friday. Spin class was amazing. Had a massage shortly after, which was also amazing. My masseuse worked on some tissue release for me and massaged out my hamstrings, lats and my entire upper back. Let’s just say that my hammies are a mess. A hot fucking mess. It couldn’t been because I was just on a spin bike for an hour and did leg day for the first time in awhile this week.

Starting day 1 of my first cut on Monday. Slightly nervous but I’ll get over it quickly. It appears as though my body really loves protein more than I thought, and on base I’m finding myself wanting more protein per meal than what I’m getting. Cut 1 basically removes more than 50% of the allotted fat, or somewhere around 2 servings, which comes out to roughly 22.5 of fat…which comes out to 202.5 calories for a light day on cut 1. Cut 2 cuts you down to just a half a serving of fats, which is around 7.5g. So basically I’m going from 52.5g fat on base (472.5 calories) to 22.5g fat on cut 1 (202.5 calories), to 7.5g fat on cut 2 (67.5 calories). Keep in mind that they allot for the fat in other sources. These are just the “healthy fats”. I’m interested to see how my body handles such a drastic difference in intake.

Happy holiday weekend, y’all.


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