“You look really good, Gen. You’ve lost a lot of weight. Your body looks really hot – not just skinny.”

That was said to me this morning, rather unexpectedly, by a person that I would’ve never imagined would even remotely think that while looking in my general direction. It was the first time anyone has said anything to me since restarting this process. I know that you’re not supposed to put a lot of value in what other people think of you, but truth of it is that we all like to be complimented…especially when we’ve worked so hard and lacked so much motivation in the first place.

I’ve made my return to spinning and have put it in my schedule twice per week. Unfortunately the days/times that work for me are back to back (Thursday and Friday), but I really love it. I love it so much that I just put myself on a monthly plan at the studio. For some people, yoga is their release. I get that same release on a spin bike. Yee haw.

From a nutrition standpoint, I’ve made the decision to go with a nutrition plan from Renaissance Periodization and I’m actually very interested to see what the results will be from it. Upon first glance at my baseline meals, I wondered whether or not they had my maintenance calories correct based upon my weight. Then I went over to IIFYM.com, calculated my macros based off of my current stats and realized that I actually needed an adjustment.

With this new nutrition plan, you basically go on your baseline calories (maintenance) for a week to let your body adjust to the little quirks of the plan. For me, those quirks are going to be eating 6 times per day and changing up what I eat and when. After that week of base, depending on what’s going on with your body, you can either stay on the baseline meal plan or move into a first phase cut.

I’m starting my maintenance phase on Monday and will update as it progresses.

Happy weekend!



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