Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend. Mine was spent getting a little bit of a tan, hanging out in a beautiful pool and playing with my boys. Sounds miserable, huh? No, I didn’t work out. No, I didn’t follow my macros. Yes, I did make smarter choices overall.

Yes, today I was up 3.5 pounds from what I was on Friday. Whoops.

So remember how I had mentioned in an earlier post that I started a GH booster that may or may not do anything? Well, I stopped taking it. Now I’ll go into what it was, why I took it, and why I stopped taking it after only 3 weeks.

I bought Growth Factor-9 from GNC after reading some reviews. 50% of the people who reviewed it saw nothing, 50% of the people who took it felt some type of benefit. I was looking for all of the benefits of boosted growth hormone, not just the ability to put on muscle. These included clearer skin, more energy during the day and a better rest at night, a possible boost in the libido, and stronger workouts. Because Growth Factor-9 is made up of basically all amino acids, I figured that there wasn’t necessarily a huge amount of harm in taking it. Aside from the outrageous price ($99 for 30 days), if it did something, cool. If it didn’t, I wasted $99 + tax in California.

You’re supposed to take four capsules either first thing in the morning or right before bed, making sure that you do not consume any food within 2 hours of taking it. I chose to take mine right before bed, and timed my last meal to coincide with it. The sales people at GNC mentioned to me that something in this product can really dehydrate you and reminded me to drink a lot of water.

The first night I took it, there wasn’t an issue. I woke up the next morning after having some vivid dreams and didn’t feel super rested, but chalked it up to the fact that I was taking something new. The same thing happened the second night. On the third night, however, I woke up having extreme heart palpitations and my entire side of the bed was soaked in sweat. At first I was convinced that I was having a heart attack, but then assumed that I was having a panic attack.

The next day I had an awful headache throughout the entire day and was beyond exhausted. I chose to take 2 capsules before bed instead, because there’s really no reason why a 140 pound woman should be consuming the same amount of a supplement as a 200 pound man. I had zero side effects from it.

I continued on with 2 capsules at bedtime for the following 2 weeks, until Thursday of this past week. I was laying in bed and started having palpitations again, started sweating again, and just didn’t feel right. On Friday I did not take anything, and I allowed my body to just clear itself of any and all supplementation.

Keep in mind that I don’t (and have never) had any major cardiac issues. I have a murmur that was found when I was in my mid-20’s, but otherwise nothing. I exercise, am in generally good health, have been eating healthy, etc. These issues were only happening at night.

My assumption is that my water intake was not high enough and my body was dehydrated, which was causing all of my symptoms. However, feeling like I was having a heart attack was enough for me to decide that taking this just isn’t worthwhile for me. If a supplement is dehydrating me to this point, it’s not for my body.

So now I’m back to just my CLA and L-Carnitine. I use NLA for Her, because it’s dosed for women…and as I mentioned above, dosing guidelines should not be the same for women and men. I feel much more comfortable supplementing with a product that was created for bodies like mine.


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