Guilty Pleasure.

I did it, y’all. I did 45 minutes of cardio today, on a spin bike, which is my total guilty pleasure. Then I came home, went into garage and did my back/biceps/abs workout. This is a big deal because I haven’t done any cardio at all this cycle. Instead, I’ve relied 100% on dietary changes and moderate to heavy lifting.


It was so nice to get my ass back on a spin bike after so long, and I happened to find a studio out here in my new hood that seems pretty fabulous. So…in the end…it looks like I’m back on the bike 1-2 times per week.

Tomorrow is the end of week 3. Technically it’s Saturday, but I will be enjoying my mini Memorial Day vacation with my family and I will be foregoing that workout. My macros have been close to on point (I’ve actually been under), I’ve killed my workouts (with the exception of yesterday, which I had to force myself to do because of weird sinus pain), and there are some visible changes. Yes.




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