Seeing Red

Ok, y’all. Mama needs to vent because Mama is pissed off.

I’ll start with this. I lost 2.5 pounds in bloat literally overnight and I killed my workout today.

On a totally unrelated note, yesterday I was humiliated at my son’s school. Humiliated, embarrassed, and walked out crying. If you’ve learned anything about me during our super short relationship through this blog, you’ve probably figured out that I’m not one to feel that way super easily. Clearly this was a huge deal.

I was indirectly accused of stealing money. It’s so absurd, I can’t even type it without feeling myself boiling up inside.

I asked for donations in my son’s classroom, as an appointed Room Parent, for our school’s annual gala to purchase chairs and benches. I prepaid the donation, and asked parents for reimbursement if they chose to participate. Keep in mind that I said “prepaid” and “chose to participate”, which means that I made this donation knowing full and well that I wasn’t going to be reimbursed for the entire thing. Thankfully my family is in a place where we’re able to do something like this, and we were more than happy to contribute.

That being said…Apparently someone in our classroom, which looks like one specific parent or my son’s teacher, questioned whether or not I was legitimately making a donation or just taking the money, so they launched an investigation with the PTA.

Yes, I donated. And yes, I had a receipt for it.

My son’s teacher had received a few contributions towards the donation in the classroom, but instead of notifying me that she had the contributions, she put them in an envelope and had them dropped in the safe at school. She told me that they were there, and when I went to go pick them up, did not allow the office to release the funds to me until the PTA had proof of my donation. The teacher then instructed the woman in the office to bring me into the principal’s office with the assistant principal, where I was explained that they couldn’t give me the money until I was shown a receipt because someone questioned my donation. During this talk, my son walked in. I walked out of the school in tears.

Hang on, fuming…Breathe…Breathe…

I asked his teacher that evening, point blank, why she went against school policy and why she made this decision. She ignored my question. I asked her if I have done something to give her reason to question my integrity. She ignored my question. I then provided her with proof of the donation, and requested a meeting in the morning.

Today I showed up and waited outside of her room. Conveniently, she did not show up until the bell rang. Thankfully for me, I’m persistent and waited. She could not answer any of my questions and directed me to the Principal. She stated that the principal launched the investigation.

I was called into the principal’s office only to be told that the teacher launched the investigation because either the teacher, or a parent in the room, questioned my donation. The principal and assistant principal apologized and said that it would all be straightened out.

Hang on…Fuming…Breathe…Breathe…

They give me the envelope. All of this happened over $30. They thought I was stealing $30. The donation that I made was many, many times more than that.

I have since caused such a stink that parents from our classroom have Emailed me, in shock, at how I’ve been treated. The incoming PTA President has Emailed me to apologize, as has the PTA Treasurer – neither of whom understand what has happened or why.

Do you know who hasn’t apologized? My son’s teacher. 

And do you know what happens when you question someone’s integrity without justification, thereby singling them out for absolutely no reason other than some type of prejudice? There are consequences to that. And the school is finding out right now that this Mama don’t play.

Vent over.


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