Happy Monday.

This past weekend I managed to gain 3.5 pounds. *laughing* I know, I know…it’s basically all water weight. I’m totally okay with it.

My cheat meal on Saturday included some boneless wings because we were desperate for lunch and found the closest place. Aside from the crazy amount of salt in them, I managed to stay within my macros. My cheat meal on Sunday included a Tuna Melt and fries from my most favorite deli in Los Angeles and it was heavenly. Later on that night we ordered in from a vegan Thai place and my food was actually super healthy, minus the salt.

I don’t cheat when it comes to my macros Monday through Friday. I’m on point with them throughout the week. However, on the weekend when I’m with my kids, I’m much more lax with myself. I, personally, don’t think it’s super healthy to allow your kids to see you on any kind of diet when they’re only 6 and 3. They know that I make healthier choices when I can, but I don’t talk about macros in front of them…or the scale…or sizes. I’m not prepping for a competition, so there’s really no need for me to be that strict with myself.

Destroyed today’s workout. Lifted heavier on my biceps than I have in years and it felt amazing. Noticed some definition coming back in my back and noticed that slight definition in my stomach has disappeared with the bloating.

But that tuna melt though…yum.


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