2 Week Progress.

Recognize the main picture on this post? Yep. It’s from the squatty potty video. Why is it here? Because you’ll see in my photo below that I own a squatty potty. Somehow it seemed relevant.

Yes, folks. This is now up on the internet.

2 weeks

The top photo was taken on May 9th. The bottom photo was taken today. I’d say that’s a pretty noticeable difference in 2 weeks. Although I’m only down 3.5 pounds, I’m down a full size in pants. What you’re not seeing above is that I’ve also managed to lose one of my three chins AND my shoulders are starting to come back to life.

I’m not going to lie. The scale is a total mindfuck. This week alone, I’ve only lost 0.5 of a pound…yet I feel like I’ve lost about 5. I couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed when the number popped up on the scale this morning even though I’ve done basically zero cardio for two weeks and relied solely upon diet, heavy lifting and very small rest periods. As a woman, you want the number to go down regardless of how your body looks and feels. If a woman manages to lose 10 pounds, it’s somehow more important to her than dropping two sizes in pants. This is a super hard mentality to twist.

That’s why I put this picture up on the internet, even though my squatty potty is showing and I’m in my underwear in the top one. The photo says more than the scale.


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