Tuesday’s Got Back.

Yesterday was Monday. I had two chances to exercise yesterday, but neither one of them really worked in my schedule. My first opportunity was to workout during the brief gap in my morning, which I really needed to use to catch up on crap I had to get done around the house. The second opportunity was right before bed, and we all know that I’m sleep deprived thanks to Vegas…so absolutely not.

Today I woke up and knew that I was going to kill it after weighing myself and seeing that I lost 2 full pounds of water overnight and am back to the weight I was last week Friday before Vegas. That may not seem wildly important to anyone but me, but the fact that I spent a weekend not counting macros and not working out and STILL managed to come home only with water weight made me feel fabulous.

Slayed my back/bicep workout today, and noticed in the process that I did my hammer curls wrong last week. My training program specifically says that I’m supposed to curl up only to 90 degrees. Of course after two bicep workouts last week, I decide to up my weight this week…and then realize that last week I was doing full curls and not taking advantage of the pause at the top.  Whoops. My upped weight today was definitely a challenge.

On a non-physical level, I feel better. Mentally and emotionally, I feel better. Putting myself back on the wagon did wonders for my soul after only a week, which was really motivating. I feel like I’m smiling more. So there’s that.

Onto tomorrow…



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