Vegas. And no fitness in Vegas.

Holy fucking Las Vegas. That’s what I’m saying. I know so many people who truly despise that town for all of the things that it represents, and I get it. I really do. But me? I love so many things about Las Vegas. My 28 hours there (literally) were so mind blowing this trip, and all of the things that I loved managed to squeeze into such a little timeframe.

Our room was upgraded to a suite.
We ate dinner at Giada, which is one of the most solid restaurants in the United States.
I was blessed to watch Lionel Richie from the front row.
We had an amazing night with a amazing group of people at a Pai-Gow table.
I fell in love with the theme of the Paris again.
and we came home with more money than we left with.

But as it relates to some of the things on my blog, I was a little bit worried about going away at the end of my first week back on my fitness/nutrition cycle. Yes, I missed my workout on Saturday. No, I did not count my macros this weekend. No, I did not take my supplements on Saturday night…because I never actually went to bed.

And here’s the thing. I was very conscious of what I ate. I made smarter choices (with the exception of one choice which I ate knowing full and well that it was not a good choice, but I treated myself and it was not worth it). I didn’t allow myself to eat crap. I came home from the weekend 1.5 pounds heavier than I was on Friday…but I can tell you straight up that it’s water weight from salt. And I’m totally, 100% okay with that.

So back to the daily, motivated and recharged.


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